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Our impact

Our impact

Assisting organizations like yours to become change leaders

La Suite Interactive Donna est fière de faire partie d’une communauté engagée envers les enjeux Environnementaux, Sociaux et de Gouvernence (ESG). Ensemble, nous voulons bâtir un meilleur monde et mettre à profit nos expertises afin de trouver un équilibre entre la performance et le profit.

The Donna Interactive Suite is proud to be part of a community committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

Together, we want to build a better world and leverage our expertise to find a balance between performance and profit.

Since 2015

A global impact

100 + philanthropic organizations
300 + social change campaigns
50 + million dollars raised
300 000 + donors

Not to become the best in the world, but the best FOR the world

Cible, 20 years, 20 gestures animation
Leading by example is the best way to initiate real change. And the saying goes: "Every little bit helps".

As part of our 20th anniversary, our team is committed to accomplishing 20 gestures focused on mutual aid and social involvement and thus make each of us aware of the impact we can create, and act according to our values to foster the social change we want to see in the world, today and tomorrow.

20 years, 20 gestures